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Marlene Logo Bag

449.00 EUR

Elegant occasion handbag 100% handmade, with python leather inserts on the cap and golden metallic details on the locker

Size: 24X18X10 cm

Availability: In stock

Even if you prefer simple, monochromatic outfits at the office or at the special events, or you simply love pastel hues in your outfits, the ladies' modern bag Marlene Logo  is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Due to the metalic logo lock on the front, the ladies' bag has a modern touch which transforms it into a very versatile accessory, no matter if you choose to wear it with a street-style outfit or with an elegant one. The elegant handbag with geometric design is made from natural cappuccino leather and it also has python leather inserts in cognac shades. You can wear it in hand or on the shoulder, and you can be sure that your outfit won't go unnoticed if you choose to accessorize it with this elegant leather bag.

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